Thinking about purchasing an LED Video scoreboard?

The installation of a LED Video Scoreboard at your facility is a game changer for your fans, players, students and your community. In addition, an LED Video Scoreboard can generate additional revenue for your program. There is no end to the opportunities that a big-LED screen’s imagery, graphics, and animations can offer your school and community, but what happens if a visual issue appears on the screen the day of the big game?

Often schools get caught up in a sales pitch about the endless revenue generating possibilities of a video scoreboard, a story about easy to use software, and a great looking rendering of the new scoreboard, but never fully educate themselves on the technology behind the product, or startling differences between manufacturers’ features.  When shopping for an LED Video scoreboard, Formetco Sports encourages schools and facilities to ask the following questions and to compare to the features of Formetco’s video scoring solutions.

What types of warranty come standard?

The Formetco FTX is the only video scoreboard with both a 10-year parts warranty on the screen and a 10-year brightness warranty standard without any additional cost.

What “true” pixel pitches are offered?

Shoppers should ask manufacturers for a total true pixel count.  Many manufacturers use false sales tactics when it comes to the pixel pitch of their product.  Formetco only utilizes true pixel pitches, which have at least 30% more LED’s than “optimized” products when comparing the same area.  The cost of an LED screen is in the pixels so “optimized” LED screens should cost 30% less, because you are purchasing 30% less product.

Does the scoreboard use fans to cool components?

Fans are trouble makers when it comes to video scoreboards.  Scoreboards that utilize fans cost more to operate, they suck in moisture causing power supply failures, and fan filters get clogged and must be cleaned, or replaced.  Some suppliers require the fans to be on year around, running 24 hours a day, this substantially increases your electrical cost.  Formetco video scoreboards are made with high efficiency components that do not require fans for cooling, instead Formetco displays are environmentally cooled, thus making them the lowest cost to operate units available

What can kind of service and support is provided standard?

As a standard feature, Formetco provides service and support 7 days a week, 365 days per year to everyone.

What are annual software costs?

Be sure to ask if there are hidden annual maintenance or license renewal fees and how much those run.  Often this can be very costly, in some instances, as much as $40,000 over 10 years.  Formetco is completely transparent and does not have annual maintenance or license fees.

Make sure you do your homework when shopping for an LED Video Scoreboard.  Now that LED video scoreboards are obtainable for high schools and smaller colleges, a lot of manufacturers are popping up selling unproven products. Formetco has installed and services 1,000’s of LED video screens all across America and Canada.  Formetco has been owned and operated by the same family since it was founded in 1968 with a history built on customer service.  No other LED display manufacturer in the industry can make a better claim.  No other manufacturer in the industry has a more proven process for success.

Find out why Formetco is the Home of the better LED Video Scoreboard.

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