Formetco, a leading provider of innovative billboard advertising solutions, is pleased to announce that Park Outdoor, a renowned pioneer in the outdoor advertising industry, has chosen Formetco as their digital billboard provider for a new project located in Norwich, NY.

Formetco and Park Outdoor bring together their collective Out-of-Home Advertising industry strengths and expertise, enabling both companies to establish structures and digital billboards to communities across the Northeast. Recently, Park Outdoor entrusted in Formetco to curate the first ever digital billboard in Norwich, New York. The job entailed converting an existing static board to digital. Through this collaboration, Formetco’s advanced digital display solutions will be seamlessly integrated into Park Outdoor’s diverse digital billboard inventory.

“From fabrication to installation, the process was flawless,” explained Chris Culver, head of operations at Park Outdoor. “Once powered up, in under 10 minutes, ads were visible on the new board and have continuously displayed at optimal performance levels without fail.”

Formetco has been at the forefront of innovative advertising technologies for many years, consistently delivering exceptional products and services to customers with billboard advertising needs. With a comprehensive portfolio of digital billboards, spectaculars, on-premise displays, and superior customer service, Formetco has established itself as a trusted partner for Park Outdoor, known for its expertise in designing and managing a large inventory of static and digital outdoor advertising displays. Park Outdoor has a long-standing reputation for creating captivating advertisements that amplify advertisers’ brand reach and increase sales and engagement. By blending cutting-edge technology, creative design, and strategic placement, Park Outdoor has redefined the outdoor advertising experience in the Northeast.

The project presented many challenges but was conducted seamlessly and professionally by Formetco’s Project Management team in all aspects of the update. Formetco strives to offer operators the ability to deliver top-notch advertising opportunities to engage with consumers. Formetco and Park Outdoor are successfully shaping the future of outdoor advertising by pushing the boundaries of technology, creativity, and audience engagement.

“It was a pleasure working with Formetco,” said Sam Salamida, the VP/GM of the Binghamton Division of Park Outdoor Advertising. “My operations manager was extremely happy with the whole process. As far as exposure, we have been sold out since installation. The clients in Chenango County are very happy with the first digital in the Norwich market. Our sales staff is extremely thrilled with the opportunity to be able to sell digital ads in Norwich, New York.”

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About Formetco
Since 1968, Formetco has researched, designed and developed thousands of innovative out-of-home products including cutting-edge digital displays, billboard hardware and safety equipment. Headquartered in Atlanta and owned by the same family since its founding, Formetco is proud to be the only supplier and manufacturer to have served the outdoor advertising industry for over 50 years.

About Park Outdoor
Park Outdoor is a renowned pioneer in the outdoor advertising industry, specializing in designing and managing state-of-the-art advertising venues. By combining advanced technology, creative design, and strategic placement, Park Outdoor creates captivating environments that leave a lasting impact on audiences. With a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, Park Outdoor continues to shape the future of outdoor advertising. Park Outdoor Advertising is an OOH media company operating more than 1,500 billboards in upstate New York and northern Pennsylvania. The history of Park Outdoor is recounted in the book, Sons in the Shadow, written by CEO, Roy Park, Jr.