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“We installed 7 LED Video Scoreboards in 2014. We scored over 2,000 baseball games, many soccer, Lacrosse, and football games along with showing video of the World Cup soccer games and video for concerts.  We are installing 4 more LED Video Scoreboards with Formetco this year.  Formetco’s product and services are great! They were one of the easiest contractors we have worked with during construction of the first phase of our sports complex and look forward to installing more scoreboards with them as LakePoint continues to expand.”

Gena L. Evans

clearStrategy Consulting, LLC

“Working with Britt was a great experience. He is an extremely knowledgeable digital billboard salesperson and goes above and beyond to make you feel like a friend rather than just a client. He always made himself available to answer any questions Redrock Radio Group had. His knowledge of the industry is unrivaled which saves time and makes the start to finish process a breeze.”

Brandon Zinser

Red Rock Radio

“We had such a great experience with Formetco on the first 2 boards that were put in when we launched. The price was fantastic, the support level has always been there, the willingness to work with us on a lot of different needs because we’re a very specific business – there was never really a consideration of going with anyone else.”

Mike Bilbow, VP of Content Production

College Football Hall of Fame

“Understands the definition of a customer. Not many folks remember this anymore.”

Matthew Trotter

Trotter Outdoor

“I’m an old school guy, I’ve been around a long time. I’m very loyal to people who do a really good job and Formetco has been doing a really good job with Allison Outdoor advertising for well over 25 years. And now that we’ve entered into the digital realm of outdoor advertising, that outstanding customer service has continued because it was always there.

Anytime we called with a question or an order or an issue, it is always answered and handled promptly. And with the digital situation, I think it’s become even more fantastic over what was already a really, really good company to work with. And most of the people we deal with have actually been at our offices here. They come up and visit with us.”

Gary Ayers

Allison Outdoor

“Being a small operator with limited digital experience proved challenging.  With the help and guidance from Formetco and Britt McConnell, we ended up with a board that is the best in the market. Don’t let price be the end all in your decision-making process.  We have had our board for over five years and Formetco still treat us like we are their biggest client.”

David Webb

Georgetown Development

“I think I had three or four different manufacturers come in and we looked at the quality of the product. That’s one thing we really push – we wanted the product to look good, we wanted it to be reliable. There were cheaper options out there, but they didn’t look as good or they didn’t work as well. A lot of it was putting all that stuff together, and I think that kind of all ended up leading to Formetco”

Dan Franklin

Franklin Outdoor

“Powerful creative deserves a flawless presentation. There is no better image quality in the industry… We achieved outstanding results by dealing with Formetco on the purchase of our 20’ x 60’ LED digital billboard. Formetco organized everything including the sales process, project management, software training, and installation. Everything was on time and the sign was actually installed in one day! When someone asks me what I think, I say it is a 15 out of 10!”

Michael Leven

Whiteway Outdoor Advertising

“This was our first experience (as owners and operators) of a digital display. Needless to say, we did a lot of research as to size, price, installation, technology, manufacturing, and marketing. We had to learn from the ground up! Formetco has been right there the whole way and the product is first class. Thanks for your personal and professional assistance.”

Rodney Monroe & Barnwell Fishburne

Palmetto Outdoor Media

“You want your kids to have the best there is out there. When we saw the Formetco board, we were looking at a Cadillac – it was the best we could put on our field. I’ve seen boards of all different varieties in 21 years in education and going to high school events all across the state. Every time you see a Formetco board, it just stands out as a little bit superior.”

Superintendent Rob Brown

Lumpkin County School System

“Georgia Gwinnett College began working with Formetco and Britt McConnell about 2 years ago. We are extremely satisfied with the quality of the billboard and the level of service we received. Britt and the entire Formetco team were extremely helpful throughout the whole procurement process. We received education on billboards, training, advice on permits and even tours of Formetco facilities.

Even as the process became extended due to internal College issues they were always quick to respond to any questions I had. After we purchased the billboard Britt continued to provide advice and guidance during the installation. From help with the contractors doing the install to working with the local electric utility Britt was critical in getting the billboard installed successfully. I heartily recommend Formetco, Britt, and the entire team at Formetco for your billboard purchase.”

Rich Hampton

Georgia Gwinnett College

“We decided to purchase kits, from Formetco, to install on all our 30 sheet poster panels. This may be the single most cost-cutting purchase we have ever made. We have saved countless man hours since and saved greatly on our overhead. This, in turn, has increased our profit margin.”

John W. Barnes

V.P. Barnes Advertising Corp

“It provides everything we wanted in a board and will allow us to create a revenue stream that will help supplement out athletic operational budgets. We plan on using it for many different events.”


Director of Athletics, Jefferson College

“Britt, I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you and your co-workers at Formetco for the decades of excellent service you have given to our company. Every transaction and there have been hundreds when counting the vinyl printing, have been perfect. The latest product and service you provided us was the LED sign at McDonald’s in Blue Ridge, GA. You told us it would be a winner. It has exceeded what you have told us it would do and we could not be more satisfied. Business would be a pleasure if every company operated as yours. Looking forward to many more deals with you.”

Joe Sisson

Sisson Outdoor Advertising

“The install crew did a tremendous job. The guys worked in the rain, they never checked out. We were under a time crunch deadline with Formetco. They did everything they said they were going to do. It’s rare in the business world now that you can have a project of this size, where the company promises and then delivers everything they said they were going to do and they really did.”


Vice President Hallsville (Texas) Booster Club