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Formetco Announces The Formetco Select Safety Equipment Product Line

The Only Comprehensive Safety Packages Selected and Designed for Billboard Workers     FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May, 11th 2021 Duluth, GA: Formetco announces today the launch of the Formetco Select Safety Equipment Product line, the first and only comprehensive safety...

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The Operator’s Guide to Replacing Digital Billboards 

Upgrade Your Digital Billboard and Achieve Sustainable Business Growth Summary: In this complete guide, independent operators can learn to recognize the telltale signs of digital billboard deterioration, the benefits of replacing digital billboards and aging equipment, as well as every...

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Tiffin Metal Products Announces Sale of Billboard Division to Formetco

  March 9, 2021, Tiffin, Ohio – Tiffin Metal Products announces the sale of its Outdoor Advertising Products Division to Formetco, Inc. of Duluth, GA.  Tiffin will transfer the production of Outdoor Advertising products to Formetco.  The deal officially closed on...

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Formetco Announces Financing Program for Aging Digital Billboards

  Duluth, Georgia –- Formetco is excited to announce the launch of Replace Your Face, a financing program that will allow billboard operators the ability to finance all aspects of replacing an aging billboard for one low monthly payment. The...

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Jim Poage on Workplace Safety and Controlling Communicable Illnesses

The COVID19, also known as the coronavirus pandemic, has totally disrupted the US economy and displaced many workers during mandatory shutdowns of businesses. Some companies were caught unprepared which in many ways added to the panic that many people felt....

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Working Through The Coronavirus Economy – The State of Formetco

This was originally posted on OOHToday. Here is a condensed version of the our conversation with our friend Bill Board. Bill Board:  Daniel, it’s been a few weeks since we last spoke and all hell has seem to have broken loose...

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atlanta digital signage

Video – Atlanta is Formetco’s Showroom

Formetco is turning the city of Atlanta into its personal showroom.

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Nighttime view of the Atlanta skyline where Formetco, a digital sign supplier, has installed spectacular signs.

Formetco Climbs as Vendor of Choice for Spectacular Digital Signs in Atlanta

Formetco, the nation’s leading supplier and manufacturer to the outdoor advertising industry, proves itself as the vendor of choice for spectacular digital signs in the city of Atlanta. The first digital spectacular that Formetco installed in Atlanta was a 30-foot...

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