Formetco will now offer Flock Off, a bird abatement solution that humanely and effectively prevents pest birds from landing and settling on structures, helping billboard operators protect their assets and prevent revenue loss from bird damage.

DULUTH, Ga., Jan. 5th, 2023 —  Formetco and Flock Off announced today that the companies have entered an Out of Home partnership that will give billboard operators a long-lasting, environmentally friendly bird deterrent solution.

flock off partnership with formetco

This agreement brings together Formetco Hardware’s connections to billboard operators across North America and Flock Off’s expertise of bird abatement. Flock Off will extend the life of operators’ assets, help prevent revenue loss, save leases, and drastically reduce maintenance costs, all while making billboards safer to maintenance for employees and contractors.

“The Flock Off solution has proven success in the Out of Home industry. Thanks to new innovative technology, bird issues on billboards will be a thing of the past.  We are currently working with extremely reputable billboard operators that are invested in protecting their assets and employees,” said Leslie Wescott, the VP of OOH Sales for Flock Off. “We are excited to partner with Formetco and looking forward to working with the rest of the IBO community to solve pest bird issues”.

Formetco billboard operators now have a revolutionary, high tech and humane solution to stop birds from landing on billboard structures immediately and permanently. They no longer have to worry about the damage pest birds can cause to structures and those who operate them. The Flock Off solution utilizes technology that is able to tap into a bird’s physiology, therefore making it impossible for them to adapt and overcome.  It is extremely low profile, making it a perfect solution for Out of Home and helping protect your brand.

“We are very excited to partner with Flock Off. This fantastic product will be added to our product line to offer our customers a solution for eliminating those pesky birds.” says Denise Roberts, Formetco’s Director of Hardware Sales. Roberts also added, “We have tested other products that don’t work, and we believe Flock Off has the best solution. It is long-lasting and environmentally friendly.”

Interested in learning more?  Flock Off is sponsoring the 2023 Q1 Formetco Safety Training Event in Duluth, GA.  Register to attend and find out why Clear Channel, OUTFRONT Media, Reagan Outdoor, JCDecaux, DDI, YESCO, and many others are utilizing Flock Off to protect their assets and employees.

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