Formetco Celebrates Its 300th Independent Digital Billboard Customer

Formetco of Duluth, GA, celebrates Estus Outdoor as its 300th independent digital billboard customer. Owner of Estus Outdoor, Dick Estus of Savannah, GA, selected Formetco to guide him through the process of owning and operating his first digital billboard. This milestone displays how crucial Formetco’s service and relationship are to independent operators. Strength of service and customer focus attract both large national outdoor companies as well as independent operators like Estus Outdoor. “Our style of operation at Formetco has allowed us to look out for independent outdoor companies for nearly 50 years,” says Jock Gibb, Formetco’s vice president of sales.

“I’ve always dealt with Formetco for whatever I needed. They always deliver and are ready to help solve any problem I have,” suggests Dick Estus, President/CEO of Estus Outdoor. “In fact, I wouldn’t know who else to call!”

Estus has been in the outdoor business since 1958, and the two biggest changes he’s seen in the industry were the shifts to vinyl and now to digital displays. He admits being slow to make the transition to digital, but once decided, he knew Formetco would be his partner. “I didn’t know anything about how to operate or manage a digital board, but Formetco was right there with me all the way through it,” he confirms. “Formetco is wonderful in their whole procedure of treating customers with tremendous value, walking them through whatever needs to be done. I know I can trust them to get me up and running quickly and efficiently.”

Family owned since 1968, Formetco zeroes in on its ability to connect and provide stellar service and attention to detail to customers. With a focus on their customers’ long-term success, Formetco has earned the trust of many independent operators as well as larger, corporate clients. “Formetco is the type of company who is willing to guide you through the entire process, from start to finish,” affirms Jock Gibb, VP of Sales. “We find that while our customers care about cost, far more important are service and follow through. We are where we are today because these principles are a part of who we are and always have been.”

In fact, relationship is a core value to Formetco. For an incredibly entertaining story on how Formetco launched its operations 50 years ago, visit Formetco’s “About Us” page Then, and today, Formetco forges strong rapport for lasting business relationships, a key reason Dick Estus trusted them with his first digital board located by mile marker 155 on I-16 near Pooler, Georgia.

“With just four locations, I wanted to make sure my first digital board is done right. I had no problems once I decided to go with Formetco,” asserts Estus. “And Britt [McConnell, salesperson] was fantastic – so knowledgeable. I like the idea that they are right there in Atlanta. I live in Savannah, so they are close by if I ever need them to run down here with any problem I might have.”

To provide this exceptional service, McConnell scheduled weekend meetings to make the process easier on Estus and his company. “That’s just who we are,” says McConnell. “We meet our customers where they are and help them reach their goals. I believe it’s our dedicated service that has earned our customers’ trust and loyalty.”

About Formetco
Since 1968, Formetco has researched, designed and developed thousands of innovative OOH products including cutting edge digital displays, billboard hardware, and safety equipment. Owned by the same family since it began, Formetco is proud to be the only supplier and manufacturer to have served the outdoor advertising industry for the past 50 years.

About Estus Outdoor
Dick Estus, owner of Estus Outdoor, has an extensive background in the outdoor industry, spanning 60 years. Over the years, he has been involved in the purchase and management of many small, medium and major markets in the billboard industry. He was the first small plant owner to be chosen as Chairman of the Outdoor Advertising Association of America and held this position for 3 years. Full retirement has never been an option for Dick, and at 85 years old, he continues to run Estus Outdoor in Savannah, Georgia.