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Formetco Announces The Formetco Select Safety Equipment Product Line

The Only Comprehensive Safety Packages Selected and Designed for Billboard Workers     FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May, 11th 2021 Duluth, GA: Formetco announces today the launch of the Formetco Select Safety Equipment Product line, the first and only comprehensive safety...

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Jim Poage on Workplace Safety and Controlling Communicable Illnesses

The COVID19, also known as the coronavirus pandemic, has totally disrupted the US economy and displaced many workers during mandatory shutdowns of businesses. Some companies were caught unprepared which in many ways added to the panic that many people felt....

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A billboard using Formetco's F360 CMS software with the integration of Adomni Demand Side Platform

Formetco Advances Ease of Out-Of-Home Advertising Buys Through Integration with Adomni

Formetco recently announced the successful integration of its new enterprise software F360 CMS with the Adomni Demand Side Platform (DSP). IBO’s nationwide inventory of digital screens is now available to Adomni’s advertiser base, including national brands, agencies and hyperlocal buyers....

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A billboard using Formetco's F360 software with Vistar programmatic monetization platform

Formetco and Vistar Media to Enable New Revenue for Billboard Owners

Formetco recently announced its new enterprise software F360 CMS has successfully integrated with the Vistar Media programmatic monetization platform. IBO’s nationwide inventory of digital screens is now available to Vistar’s advertiser base, including national brands and agencies. With F360 and...

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Formetco F360 Software Promotes Industry Unity and Connects Independents With Common Interests

Formetco announces its new enterprise grade F360 CMS software’s open architecture design will connect independent operators, turning many small operations across the country, into a larger group with a stronger voice. F360 allows independent operators access to an array of...

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Formetco Releases Unifying Software Platform for All Digital Billboard Brands

Formetco F360 Software Debuts March 5th — Complete Digital Billboard Management Finally, it’s here: One platform which serves all digital billboard brands! Formetco’s F360 Enterprise Grade Software Platform, is new to market, web-based software, which serves as a single interface to manage...

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Shimmin on Digital Billboard Security

Insider heard reports this week that a digital billboard in the northwest got hacked. We asked Formetco’s Jim Shimmin to talk about digital billboard security. Jim, how do Independent Billboard Operators protect their digital billboards from being hacked? The two...

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Bowling Green Hot Rods’ New LED Video Scoreboard

Formetco Sports was recently selected by the Bowling Green Hot Rods, a minor league baseball team in Bowling Green, Ky., to install two new LED video scoreboards. The installation is scheduled for early March 2019, and the new scoreboards will...

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