The COVID19, also known as the coronavirus pandemic, has totally disrupted the US economy and displaced many workers during mandatory shutdowns of businesses. Some companies were caught unprepared which in many ways added to the panic that many people felt. Much of this could have been avoided if the companies had created an Emergency Response plan. Not to say that Formetco is perfect, but the following will give you an idea of the steps that were taken prior to and following the recognition of the existing hazard that was faced. Perhaps it will provide some guidance for an action plan for future events.

Formetco has always taken an aggressive position regarding viral infections, acting in an overabundance of caution with regards to controlling communicable illnesses. Along with annual flu immunizations of employees and insistence that employees who feel ill stay home until they recover, Formetco stepped up their infection control plan when the COVID19 virus first became evident. Step one was the reduction of travel outside of the home base. Step two was the initiation of home office work for non-production staff and the closure of the facilities to outside visitors. Step three was the activation of the company Infectious Disease Policy which explains to employees the necessity of safe social distances from other employees, quarantining of ill personnel, as well as the requirement of more frequent handwashing. Proper handwashing techniques are also covered as part of the company OSHA 10 hour class that all employees are required to complete.

Formetco Safety is always available for advice on programs such as Emergency Preparation plans. If you have a plan or are attempting to create a plan and need some assistance, feel free to contact me and I will walk you through the areas you need to consider to protect your company, yourself, and your employees.

Originally posted on Billboard Insider.