The Only Comprehensive Safety Packages Selected and Designed for Billboard Workers




May, 11th 2021

Duluth, GA: Formetco announces today the launch of the Formetco Select Safety Equipment Product line, the first and only comprehensive safety packages specifically designed for outdoor advertising professionals.

Billboard Operators can now purchase all-inclusive safety equipment to outfit new climbers or upgrade their inventory at an attractive price. Out of the box, the Select line provides all the equipment billboard climbers need to work safely with increased ease. No longer will it be necessary to pick equipment from several different sources for climbing equipment, Users and supervisors can now select a single package of equipment that has been selected specifically for the billboard industry. Formetco even offers complimentary Basic Climber onboarding training classes to ensure that professionals are fully equipped from day one.

Formetco Select products were designed with features that generic harnesses lack. “The biggest complaint we hear from climbers is that their equipment is heavy and uncomfortable,” said Chris Adams, the Product Manager at Formetco. “Our harnesses are lightweight, fit better and provide ready access to equipment. We really had the guys who spend long days outside climbing ladders in mind when we created our new Select Safety  gear.”

The Safety Director at Formetco added, “Several years of research and testing inform this best-in-class design. Manufacturers have traditionally offered one-size-fits-all equipment. For the first time, billboard climbers can have gear that was made just for them.”


Top Features of Formetco Select Product Line

  • UltraLight Harnesses – Allows billboard climbers to ascend and descend ladders with the greatest mobility and safety. The pre-attached suspension trauma relief straps and open-core padding will keep climbers drier and cooler by allowing for optimal airflow. Also, the harness is lightweight with all-aluminum “D” rings and quick-release buckles. Formetco’s UltraLight Harness is available in Kevlar Nomex for hi-temp environments with 9KV Dielectric “D” rings and pass-thru buckles to resist electrical arcs.
  • Hi-Vis Green Webbing – Used for standard harnesses and lanyards for greater visibility and quick remote inspections of billboard climbers.
  • Climbing Accessories – Best in class leading-edge dual leg self-retracting lanyard designed for below knee anchorages. Formetco’s climbing accessories include the smoothest operating cable sleeve available and a lightweight 18” rest lanyard for those tall structures. Also, load-rated shock-absorbing elastic tool tethers are available to prevent dropped tools from injuring people below, as well as a vinyl tool transport bucket to keep tools and hardware contained when hoisting up and down a billboard structure. The 5/8” hoisting rope with end carabiners allow for fast and secure transport of billboard equipment to the catwalk. Also included are a tool pouch, safety glasses, gloves, and a comfortable climbers helmet.
  • Industry Consensus Standards – Formetco’s Select Safety equipment meets ANSI standards and is OSHA compliant, third-party tested, and certified.
  • Basic Climber Onboarding Training – Prepare new climbers by getting them up to speed and accustomed to the industry culture and help them become safer and more productive onsite faster.
  • Toolbox Talks – Formetco produces weekly videos to help billboard climbers stay up to date on safety practices and procedures. Safety topics include subjects such as behavior safety, lockout tagout, electrical safety, forklift safety, chemical safety, and many others. Toolbox Talks are anchored by the Formetco Safety Blog which provides additional industry-specific safety topics and safety issues.


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Daniel Hooper

Director of Marketing