Formetco announces its new enterprise grade F360 CMS software’s open architecture design will connect independent operators, turning many small operations across the country, into a larger group with a stronger voice. F360 allows independent operators access to an array of services that cannot be easily obtained without the support of being part of a united front.

Evolving from the IBO Fusion initiative, F360 allows all digital manufacturers to coexist on one platform and gives operators the tools typically designed for the largest outdoor operators in the billboard industry.  Demand Side Platforms (DSP’s) will easily connect to simplify the participation of operators and assist them in the march towards embracing programmatic buying trends. This will increase the inventory footprint for independents to fulfill advertisers’ needs and maximize operator revenues.

Formetco’s VP of sales, Jock Gibb said, “Opening up the tools to make OOH easy to buy is not only good for the independent operators but the entire OOH industry. We think the days of forcing an operator to use one digital manufacturer’s software or charging big fees to switch software is a thing of the past.”   

About Formetco

Since 1968, Formetco has researched, designed and developed thousands of innovative out-of-home products including cutting-edge digital displays, billboard hardware and safety equipment. Headquartered in Atlanta and owned by the same family since its founding, Formetco is proud to be the only supplier and manufacturer to have served the outdoor advertising industry for the past 50 years.


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