The Importance of Being Software Agnostic

Not every outdoor operator runs their plant the same way.  Understanding this, Formetco has designed a digital billboard product that is completely software agnostic, allowing the operator to run their business the way that works best for them.

What is the importance of being software agnostic?

Many of our operators use Formetco’s scheduling software, while some are trending towards other brands of software from companies such as Apparatix, Ayuda, Scala and more.  These software systems can range from a simple scheduling system that allows one software to schedule multiple brands of digital displays in their inventory, to a full Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP) which manages all facets of a billboard operator’s planning, development, sales and marketing.  At Formetco, we recognize the importance of letting our individual operators select the software package that works best for their business.

We have talked to several independent billboard operators who have digital billboards from manufacturers that will not allow them to add a 3rd party software.  The manufacturer typically brings up security as the reason that will not allow the operator to switch from their software to a 3rd party vendor.  So, is this a security issue, a design flaw from using outdated operating systems or computers, or just a scam to make sure you can’t add inventory from other digital billboard suppliers?  Don’t let their design flaw become your problem.

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