Continuing the OOH debate of creativity versus location, here is a success story demonstrating the overwhelming impact of great creative.

Creative is the key to releasing the power of Outdoor Advertising. While creative lives on electronically and in memory, does anyone remember the location?  If they do, its likely because of the great creative from which the location would be identified.

Soft Signs 3D teamed up with Outfront Media Kansas City and client advertiser, American Royal to promote the American Royal (AR) Barbecue Contest by building the world’s largest ribs.  Ribs nearly 8 feet tall by 48 feet long!

The first AR competition was held in 1980 and in 1998, it officially became the “The World’s Largest Barbecue” with 340 teams competing. Kansas City, well-known for its barbecue, both rub and sauce, and restaurants, Gates Bar-B-Q  and Arthur Bryant’s, typically depicts a full slab of ribs as its poster boy or in this case, bulletin boy.

The Labor Day weekend public festival saw over 50,000 in a record-setting single day attendance last year.
Outfront and Soft Signs 3D product played a huge roll in the event’s success with the 3 dimensional vinyl.

Watch the Larger than Life Like Sized Ribs install in 2 min Video:

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