Not the OOH Owner brand, but the brand of digital billboard your OOH Owner installed or uses?

Does anyone know the difference in brands other than the manufacturers or OOH owners?  Should you?

Occasionally, we hear manufacturers suggesting advertisers and agencies are not interested in their products’ features and benefits, deferring to the OOH Owners as the keepers of that domain.  Perhaps that is true.

Consider this: Nearly every Agency and Advertiser carefully scrutinizes the vinyl production of every plan they place. Some agencies base a greater percentage of their decision on what printer to use based on price more than others, but all will recognize quality as a prerequisite before price and delivery.  We know of some advertisers who will only buy from one specific printer because the ‘quality is superior’ and willingly pays a premium square foot rate which the a majority of printers significantly undercut. Others claim there is no difference and proceed with the lesser rate.  Undeniably, all stand by their choices with quality as a given.

If everyone agrees, production quality of printed vinyl is an important element of buying OOH, why wouldn’t the same be true of the digital sign manufacturer the OOH Owner uses?  Are there real differences in Digital Billboards?  Is the situation similar to printing?

VP of Gov Affairs, Kerry Yoakum shares a ‘Supplier Spotlight’ on Digital OOH Manufacturers. His full article is below.  Yoakum asked leading Digital OOH manufacturers ‘3 Questions.’  With an OAAA estimated 7,800 digital billboards operating in the US, the answers are important to the OOH Industry.

Internet Security? Product Reliability? Electrical Consumption? Image Uniformity? Other technologies? 

As an OOH buyer, consider your client/advertiser in a situation where if any of the 5 topics above, were compromised, one might become important.  At a minimum, you may want to know the responses of the manufacturers.

We recommend reading the Supplier Spotlight which follows. You may discover significant differences in the manufacturers’ answers.  Are the answers to the questions important or unimportant to your next buying plan?

Our next posts on this subject will examine the real and or perceived differences with Digital OOH manufacturers and OOH printers.

Thanks to Kerry Yoakum for his enlightening and inspiring post.


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