Duluth, Georgia –- Formetco is excited to announce the launch of Replace Your Face, a financing program that will allow billboard operators the ability to finance all aspects of replacing an aging billboard for one low monthly payment. The official launch date for the Replace Your Face program is February 1, 2021


Formetco’s Replace Your Face is a financing program aimed at the innovative independent operators that adopted digital billboards early on. The program gives those operators the ability to finance all aspects of replacing aging faces for one low monthly payment while also offering a turnkey replacement service.

Matt Leech with Formetco’s Digital Sales Division says, “This is a truly exciting program for Formetco. When looking at the number of digitals installed over the past decade, we understood the industry had a need for a program like this and with Formetco being the industry’s leading supplier for over 50 years, we have the contacts and relationships to make this program successful.”

Replace Your Face eliminates the upfront costs and time-consuming efforts normally involved with the installation of a digital billboard.  Efforts like getting quotes for a crane and crane operator, taking down the old sign, disposal, a new sign, installation, and electrical hookup are all handled by Formetco’s new program.

Speaking further to that point, Formetco’s Director of Marketing, Daniel Hooper stated, “Digital billboard technology has come a long way over the last 10 years. Not only does replacing that aging face with a new board that’s more energy efficient, brighter, and lasts longer help operators stay competitive, but it also eliminates the costly reoccurring expenditures of keeping the old face alive.  What makes our program really special is that it removes the barrier to entry when it comes to replacement.”


To learn more, be sure to check out our Replace Your Face video https://formetco.com/billboard-financing/