Ever since Athens Academy in Athens, Georgia installed their new Formetco LED video scoreboard last summer, the entire community has been able to benefit. Gone is the old board that simply kept score. Now they are able provide an enhanced fan experience, generate more revenue, and give students opportunities to use the equipment and produce creative content.

“The full matrix videoboard has given us many more advantages than we had with a traditional scoreboard,” says Kevin Petroski, Athletic Director at Athens Academy. “It has allowed us to expand all of our ideas, visions, and dreams with the involvement of our entire school community.”

It can be hard to compete with the University of Georgia, which is also located in Athens, but the videoboard is helping Athens Academy up its game. “Football is a major part of our community, and anytime we can in even a small way mirror what is taking place at the University of Georgia, it makes our fans have a more positive experience,” Pertroski says. “The videoboard has allowed us to have graphics for touchdowns, first downs, and other big plays, along with player profiles. And of course, the really big draw is the use of instant replay.”

Presenting the content on this new equipment has made for an exciting game day experience, while creating the content has provided exciting opportunities for students. The drama department, media and technology club, and graphic design classes, along with the athletic department and alumni, have all collaborated to create content for the board. This ranges from video promotions about an upcoming school event to highlight reels for the various sport teams.

Another exciting feature of the board is its ability to help generate revenue. Athens Academy has a policy of not having permanent advertisements, banners, or signage on their campus, unlike most athletic facilities. But thanks to the videoboard, they are able to choose when and when not to display ads.

“This videoboard allows us to seek revenue by partnering with local companies and sponsors,” says Petroski. “When the board is on, it rotates through the logos of each company, and when it’s off, there aren’t any ads being displayed. So it helps us raise revenue without changing our culture on campus.”

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