When companies look to buy digital billboards and outdoor advertising supplies, they have a choice between large public or private equity companies and family owned businesses. While large public companies and private equities have their advantages, the benefits of buying from an established family-owned business outshine their competition.

Owned by the same family since 1968, Formetco has been developing the most innovative advertising and signage products, while providing the highest quality service, in the outdoor advertising industry. Next year Formetco will celebrate 50 years as the longest standing supplier in the billboard industry with the same ownership. Their success as a family owned business is built in their ownership structure, allowing them to reinvest in the company, their people, the industry and their products. This has been a key secret to continued growth and sustainability throughout the years.

Matt Xander, CEO of Formetco notes that they often hear the question “why should I buy from a family- owned company like you when there are bigger public or private equity companies with more resources?” Xander says “Family-owned businesses operate with distinct advantages, including a deep commitment to success and a long-term focus on our customers and employees. We are the only digital manufacturer who has been in the outdoor advertising industry since before the introduction of digital billboards. That means we have been serving the outdoor advertising industry longer than all other OAAA digital billboard manufacturers combined. Our strength comes from dedicated employees, with managers and sales personnel who average over 15 years with Formetco. They have helped build long-standing relationships with customers and a customer loyalty that isn’t always found in large public companies.”

Written by John Weller. This article originally appeared on BillboardInsider.com – Click here to continue reading….