Billboard Savings: Solar Lighting

By Matt Moates

Are you considering a solar location for your billboards due to high power rates, availability of grid power, or just being a friend to the environment? The price of solar power is coming down and there is still rebate money available as a Federal Tax Credit.

Solar Packages are available through your Formetco Hardware team. Very little information is needed in order to put together a proposal. If you can provide us with the following, we can give you package prices the same day that includes the cost of freight:

  • Location of your Billboard (City State)
  • How many hours of illumination will be utilized (7-8 hours or all night)
  • Structure details (size of face and will it be a single or back to back)

All systems come as a complete kit with lights, controls, batteries and panels and are prewired for easy install.

For More information about Formetco Solar Solutions contact Matt Moates: and (813) 900-7238.