Billboard Maintenance Savings Tips

By Denise Roberts

We have listened to our customers over the years and have used that feedback to design several hardware products to extend the life of existing billboard components and save on installs:

1. Utilizing Panel Savers to extend the life of wood and metal faces will give you a clean straight edge on the bottom for wrapping or using the Formetco Vinyl clips.

2. Consider switching from ratchets to Vinyl Tension Brackets for long term savings. These clips will save the bottoms of your boards by eliminating the collection of a water and debris that leads to rotting.

3. Extend the life of your faces with Corner Stiffeners.  Corner Stiffeners stop tensioning ratchets from bending and damaging panel sections 

4. Utilize vinyl tension brackets to create a wallscape.  This is an extremely cost-effective solution that is an excellent way to bring new revenue using an empty wall for ad space. 

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