Digital Innovation: Formetco’s Fanless Summers

By Matt Leech

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Digital Billboard

In the ever-evolving world of digital billboard technology, there are several factors to consider when searching for a reliable long-lasting digital display. Our FTX digital displays use only the highest quality components to give you the most reliable, best looking, and most power-efficient digital billboards on the market.  

Being that we have recently entered daylight savings time, I want to focus on the efficiency and power savings our units offer over other top tier manufacturers.  There are several factors as to why Formetco’s FTX digital displays are the most efficient on the market, but the one major factor is that they are completely fanless.  When our engineering team was tasked with developing this product several years back, we challenged them to eliminate as many components as possible to increase reliability and to decrease power consumption.  They were able to accomplish this by putting the power supply in its own environmental enclosure in the cabinet and not in the main cabinet amongst the other components. 

After several tests in harsh environments, the cabinet temperatures with and without fans were within a few degrees of one another.  After several years in the field, we had many customer success stories about how much money they were saving on power every month with their Formetco units vs other manufacturers that use fans. 

We had clients call and say that their bills were half of their other manufacturers. 

So, let’s just say that number is $200 a month in savings on a 14×48. That might not sound like a big number but let’s just say you have 10 14×48 digital billboards then that number would be $2,000 a month times 12 months a year that’s $24,000 in power savings in one year.  Then take that yearly savings and multiply it by 10 years, which we back with our parts warranty, and that gives your operation $240,000 in savings on just 10 bulletin digitals.  

So as the days get longer and the power bills start to increase feel free to reach out to us and we can run a power analysis on your digital project and also we can share some real examples from some of our clients.  

Check out these videos that further explain the power saving technology of Formetco’s FTX digital billboard product line.

Factory Power Testing

Thermal Management

For more information about power savings and a free power analysis contact Matt Leech: and (404) 538-4160.