Formetco recently established a new, hands-on safety education program that goes beyond just teaching safety skills to climbers. This comprehensive program provides the educational tools needed for independent operators to build a first class safety program from the ground up.

Jock Gibb, Formetco’s vice president of sales, recognized, “We sell a lot of quality safety equipment, but when Jim Poage came on board, he helped us see that many customers haven’t been trained in proper inspection, use, and storage of structures and equipment. This revelation got us to thinking, and we explored ways we can better serve our customers.”

Formetco’s analysis has resulted in a three day, first-class training program that includes one half day of classroom training and another half day of hands on instruction in a safe climbing class; a 10-hour OSHA card certification course; and the latest CPR & first aid coaching. Formetco recently hired Jim Poage as their safety director, and he observes, “Folks can get a 10-hour OSHA card from a host of sources, but they run the risk of taking classes that don’t apply to their industry. What makes the Formetco program special is that it has been tailored to billboard operators to address the hazards and risks people are exposed to when out working on these structures.”

For the specialized training, Formetco designed and installed a 40-foot climber training tower and an onsite billboard structure with purposefully built-in defects. Part of the three day course includes hands-on experience examining the structure and identifying the flaws. “Training like this is the foundation for a strong safety program,” suggests Poage. “Through this course, Formetco is giving all independent billboard operators the opportunity to establish a first class safety program of their own. I have two peers who work for the larger companies. They do something similar internally, but no one outside those companies has dedicated this type of effort to safety training.”

“Jim came to us from Clear Channel Outdoor,” says Gibb. “With more than 20 years in the industry, he is one of the top certified safety professionals in the country; and we have clients flying in from across the nation to take part in this course.” Participants receive meals, hotel accommodations, and local transportation along with the three day curriculum for a price of $850. “Once they get to the Atlanta airport, we take care of the rest,” adds Gibb. “One reason the course is so popular is Jim’s extensive knowledge base. He’s a top notch safety professional; and he serves as a ‘go to’ specialist for the industry’s safety offices.”

The class is open to everyone, and Formetco recommends the course for anyone who is responsible for other employees or the safety of employees. Included in this group are business owners, operations managers, supervisors, and those performing the work – the climbers.

Limited availability remains for the next training seminar on October 1-4. Contact Jerry McClellan at 678-951-1137 for more information.

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