Digital Spotlight

A Conversation with Brad Sourbeer

By: Bobby Tatman

(2) 10’x24’
79,200 LED’s (per)
(2) 12”x52” custom backlit imprints
Installed in Golden Valley, AZ

Let’s face it, it’s rough out there at the moment, but we’re very optimistic that a turnaround is coming soon.  Parker Outdoor just put up two FTX 10’x24’ digital billboards in Arizona.  To shine a light on why we’re so optimistic, we reached out to Brad Sourbeer, the owner of Parker Outdoor, and asked him a few questions about his plant.

BT: How did you enter the outdoor business?  

BS: I was selling real estate in Phoenix, Arizona and one of the partners I worked for operated gas stations that they put billboards on. Since real estate is not steady money, I thought that if I could just build a couple billboards then I could cover my nut easier each month. I built 2 signs in Parker, Az in November of 1987 when I just turned 25 years old.

BT: Tell us a about your plant now 

BS: We operate 130 faces in 3 state’s Washington, Arizona and Idaho

BT: What’s the hardest part about being in the Outdoor business? 

BS: Creating good ad copy, seems like a funny answer, but frankly it’s the most important piece of the process. If we have great ad copy the clients get NEW business and therefore are happy.

BT: Where do you see your company in the short-term?

BS: Adding more digital’s that my goal, 10 more digital’s units for a total of 80 faces to lease out. We are permitting for three right now, appealing a decision of denial on another and looking for more locations.

The key to expanding is getting them booked , anyone can buy units , but making them profitable is the goal. It’s a real challenge booking out new space like digital’s since we have multiple slots to rent. I try to establish long term concepts with my clients.

Everyone thinks, oh I can do it for one month. But that is crazy, we need to book these out on annual contracts otherwise they will never be full. We have one unit now with a only a half slot open, so that’s pretty good occupancy. 

Parker Outdoor

Brad Sourbeer – Owner

Orondo, WA

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