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Transfer Agreement

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A buyer of a pre-owned Formetco product (the “Product”) may have the remaining portions of any applicable warranties (the “Warranties”) transferred from the prior owner of the Product (the “Prior Owner”) to such new owner (the “New Owner”) for a one-time fee of $______ (the “Transfer Fee”), subject to Formetco’s approval which may be granted or withheld in the sole discretion of Formetco.

To request to transfer the Warranties, the New Owner must submit this completed form to _____________ along with a legible copy of the Product’s bill of sale or title to demonstrate the New Owner’s rightful ownership of the Product, along with payment for the Transfer Fee, within thirty (30) days of the New Owner’s purchase of the Product.

In the event the New Owner desires to relocate the Product, the New Owner must provide prior written notice to Formetco and permit Formetco to supervise the dismantling, packing, and unpacking of the Product, and inspect the reinstalled the Product at the new display location. The New Owner shall bear the cost of Formetco’s labor and materials spent in supervising and inspecting the Product’s relocation at Formetco’s then-current rates. Formetco will not transfer any Warranties if the New Owner fails to comply with this requirement.

If Formetco agrees to transfer the Warranties to the New Owner, Formetco will confirm such approval in writing and confirm the remaining duration of such Warranties. If Formetco declines to transfer the Warranties to the New Owner, Formetco will confirm the denial in writing and will refund the Transfer Fee to the New Owner.

Coverage under the Warranties will not be effective until the New Owner receives written confirmation of Formetco’s approval of the New Owner’s transfer request.

New Owner understands that if the Product was not or is not maintained properly before or after the New Owner’s purchase of the Product, the Warranties shall be void.

Transferable Warranties are only available on Product models year ___ or newer.

Name of New Owner: __________________________________________________________________________________

Name of Prior Owner: __________________________________________________________________________________

Original Product Sales Order Number (between Prior Owner and Formetco): ____________________________________

Product Description: __________________________________________________________________________________

Request to transfer the following Warranties (select all that apply):

☐ For FTX, the “Brightness Warranty” available at https://formetco.com/brightness-warranty/;

☐ For FTX, the “10 Year Limited Parts Warranty” available at https://formetco.com/10-year-limited-parts-warranty/;

☐ For FSI, the “5 Year Limited Parts Warranty” available at https://formetco.com/5-year-limited-parts-warranty/; and

☐ For FSO, the 5 Year Limited Parts Warranty.

Signature of New Owner: _______________________ Date:__________________