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LED Video Scoreboards 101

Thinking about purchasing an LED Video scoreboard? The installation of a LED Video Scoreboard at your facility is a game changer for your fans, players, students and your community. In addition, an LED Video Scoreboard can generate additional revenue for...

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New 1,800 Square Foot LED Video Board Coming to Memorial

A massive new LED video board spanning approximately 1,800 square feet with dimensions of 30 feet by 60 feet is set to be installed in Memorial Coliseum, as will a new LED ribbon board nearly 100 feet in width. Installation...

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Videoboard Benefits the Entire Community

Ever since Athens Academy in Athens, Georgia installed their new Formetco LED video scoreboard last summer, the entire community has been able to benefit. Gone is the old board that simply kept score. Now they are able provide an enhanced...

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Fed’s Investigation Of Digital Sign Industry: How Did They Start? What Are The Requirements? How To Comply?

The Fed’s Digital Matter is at an End Here is a paper prepared and submitted by Yaron Dori and Ani Gevorkian for the sign industry. Yaron is a partner and Ani is an associate at Covington in Washington.  Covington is...

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Hacking Digital Billboards

There’s a 2013 Defcon talk called Hijacking the Outdoor Digital Billboard.  You tube “hacking billboards” you’ll see lots of hijacked digital billboards.   There are creative, intelligent, sketchy people with way too much time on their hands who would love to hack...

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In a Fragmented Media World, OOH Aggregates Audiences

In a highly fragmenting media market, OOH is the only channel that continues to aggregate an audience. Advertisers reliant on mass media channels can no longer depend on television. Advertisement placements for major television events typically demand the highest advertising...

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The BBQ Rib Billboard

Continuing the OOH debate of creativity versus location, here is a success story demonstrating the overwhelming impact of great creative. Creative is the key to releasing the power of Outdoor Advertising. While creative lives on electronically and in memory, does...

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How important is a Digital Billboard brand

Not the OOH Owner brand, but the brand of digital billboard your OOH Owner installed or uses? Does anyone know the difference in brands other than the manufacturers or OOH owners?  Should you? Occasionally, we hear manufacturers suggesting advertisers and...

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