Formetco Announces Purchase of Printing Division

We are excited to announce that Outdoor Image, LLC has purchased the printing division of Formetco. Outdoor Image was formed by an investment company controlled by Russell Currey and will be managed by Ralph Ward.
Outdoor Image will retain the employees of Formetco’s print division and, for a period of time, will operate out of the existing facility. Formetco has established a track record of high performance and customer service. Outdoor Image will strive to maintain that high standard.  Indeed it is out highest objective that customers experience no change in the people and systems that serve your needs. 

In time, Outdoor Image will relocate operations to an independent and possibly larger facility nearby.  Additional investments, and the dedicated focus on printing, will potentially bring us new product and service offerings. And this transition will allow Formetco’s expansion of its core outdoor hardware and rapidly growing digital business. 

This transition allows for Formetco’s expansion of its core outdoor hardware and rapidly growing Digital Billboard Manufacturing divisions. Likewise, Outdoor Image will have an intense focus on expanding the Outdoor Printing business.

The Formetco management team will work closely with Outdoor Image throughout the transition over the next several weeks. Please keep Outdoor Image in mind for your entire computer printing needs and keep Formetco in mind for your digital billboard and hardware applications.


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