Formetco is Celebrating 44 Years

Formetco has just crossed another milestone. Since the begining we have brought continued innovations to the outdoor advertising industry. We have expanded outside the US and are proud of where we came from and where we are headed. At Formetco, each aspect of developing, making, distributing, marketing and selling a product is connected and collaborative. Formetco’s approach to innovation "Innovation Intersection" connects employees with inventors, engineers, creatives, suppliers, entrepreneurs and customers throughout the innovation process. To use outdoor advertising goes beyond new product development; It’s our history.

Formetco was founded in 1968 as a metal billboard poster panel supplier. By listening to the needs of the industry, Formetco’s product line grew to include bulletin faces, safety equipment, posting supplies, scaffold, lighting, timers and nearly 1,500 other specialty Outdoor Advertising Products. Formetco created a legacy of quality and innovation on every product that has been designed and built over the last 44 years.

In 1997 AdTech was founded and rapidly became the world’s leading supplier of TriFace signage. By 2002 AdTech had captured nearly 85% of all US Sporting Facility TriFace business. AdTech manufactured the industry’s first LED billboard lighting system and the first wireless internet based control system for TriFaces. AdTech then partnered with Formetco to market their products to The Outdoor Advertising Industry and quickly became the number one supplier of TriFace Billboards globally.

In 2006 Formetco purchased AdTech and its Research and Development operation in Minnesota to focus on both companies’ growing digital signage divisions. Formetco’s engineering team has designed both the operating platform and scheduling system for EMC’s and The F4X Digital Billboard.
The company now has 110 employees with offices in Atlanta, Chicago, Minneapolis and Youngstown. Formetco has over 250,000 square feet of manufacturing under roof in Atlanta along with its 24/7 365 day a year service team.