Formetco's Green Initiative

Formetco heads strong with our GO GREEN initiative. Our digital printing is using eco-friendly inks, our LED signs are moving toward 100% recyclablity and our latest renovations are using enviromentally friendly ideas and energy saving options.

This isn't anything new to us. Formetco has greatly supported the Outdoor Advertising Industries movement towards becoming more eco-friendly. We are doing our part to ensure that every effort is made during the design, manufacturing, and even recylcing of our products, that this goal is achieved. We have dedicated many resources into finding the best approach to reduce waste, energy and connect with partners who can repurpose or recycle our products at the end of their life-cycle.

We didn't want to stop with just our products though. Formetco has recently been renovating our facilities to make them more efficient from top to bottom. Even small details are planned out to reduce wasted energy, and fuels. Not only is this a good business acumen but also supports our Green Initiative.

Our Digital Print Division has also explored materials and inks that are safe for our employees but also have a minimum to none impact on the enviroment.

For more details about how Formetco continues to find ground breaking approaches to be eco friendly just ask your sales representative.