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Why Formetco

Why Formetco

Formetco's FTX LED Technology is a revolutionary new LED Video Screen developed by the Formetco engineering team. After analyzing customer input and the service history of thousands of LED signs from various manufacturers, Formetco has created the FTX line to develop the most reliable LED Video Screen with the:

  • longest lifespan (10-Year Brightness Warranty)
  • most logical service access
  • lowest power consumption
  • simplest installation
  • best image quality available


The Formetco FTX Scoreboard Difference

The FTX Scoreboard system does not utilize the traditional cabinet design that is typically used today. Instead, the LED tiles are secured to a grid that creates a lightweight module with a ventilated back cover. This revolutionary "Timeless Design" concept provides an aluminum grid base that allows you to upgrade the LED tiles to a variety of pixel pitches for a relatively low cost. This means you can upgrade your FTX scoreboard screen in affordable segments to extend the useful the life of the unit.

The FTX LED scoreboard is made with high quality single-bin LEDs driven with a true 16-bit LED driver to provide the clearest image. To ensure reliability, the FTX video screen boasts an array of design innovations, including:

  • sealed tiles with sealed connections
  • sealed fanless power supply enclosures
  • energy efficient fanless system
  • 24/7 real-time diagnostics monitoring
  • redundant data and backup components

The high-efficiency of the FTX LED video scoreboard -- coupled with its incorporation of our proprietary Advanced Thermal Design Technology – creates an environmentally balanced system that allows us to proudly and confidently offer a 10-year brightness warranty on each and every Formetco FTX LED Outdoor Video Screen.

Formetco's FTX cabinet is only 5.9" deep and it is the lightest LED scoreboard system available today. With this extremely thin design and our ability to ship the sign in sections, we can get multiple FTX scoreboard screens on one truck without the need for a costly oversize load permit. The scoreboard cabinet design also allows for front or rear service.

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