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The Most Reliable LED Video Screens

Providing a longer useful life, Formetco FTX is the only LED Video Screen with a 10 year LED brightness warranty

Formetco's FTX is truly the next generation of LED technology. The question is: "When is less more?" It is when you are discussing reliability for a large electronic sign that operates outdoors.

Standard LED video screens available on the market today have far too many wires and connections compared to other hi-tech product designs. After an analysis of typical failure issues from all manufacturers of digital displays, Formetco concluded that the number of data and power connections is directly related to the number of problems with data and power connections.

The FTX takes a revolutionary approach to solving this problem. The FTX has one sealed connection per tile, 50% to 75% fewer connections than any other LED product available today. The clean and efficient FTX reduces the possibility of product failure.

Formetco's new tile design has power/data connections that rest behind a sealed removable cover inside the tile itself. This minimizes issues with corrosion and contamination on the connectors, which in standard units are exposed. To protect from moisture, the connection is sealed with dielectric grease, further protecting your product.

The LED PCB Board is completely 100% sealed in protective silicon potting material front and back. Then it is enclosed in a UV resistant sealed housing that is also completely filled with the silicon potting material for improved heat transfer and total moisture protection.

Formetco has cut the number of data and power connections by at least 50%, cut the wiring in half, removed all of the cooling fans from the sign, and sealed up all of the components and control boxes. We invite you to explore the related pages discussing Formetco's FTX product to see for yourself.

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