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Formetco installs the largest high school sports and entertainment screen in the country.

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Get the LED Scoreboard with the industry's first 10 year warranty

10-Year Brightness Warranty
Some LED scoreboard suppliers claim their LEDs have the longest useful life. Formetco provides a 10-Year-Brightness-Warranty with every video screen. Don't settle for a sales pitch. Benefit from a real warranty. Call Formetco.
Formetco Brightness Warranty
The Industry's Exclusive LED Brightness Warranty

We guarantee to support our products for at least 10 years from the date the last model shipped.

Formetco Performance Assurance
Unparalleled Dependability
With 100% sealed tiles, connections and power supply boxes; 50-75% fewer connections; and the elimination of fans and filters, the FTX boasts a more efficient system that runs cooler with less component contamination, providing unparallelled dependability.
Low Energy Consumption
With energy-efficient LEDs, an efficient power distribution system, and natural cooling, the FTX LED video screen has the lowest power consumption in the industry.
Superior Image Quality
The better an LED video screen's image quality, the greater its advertising revenue. Formetco's FTX signs stand out with unbelievably vivid, eyecatching advertisements.
Timeless Design ‐ Lowest Cost of Ownership over 30 years
Formetco has identified the market need for a 30-year LED video screen. Replacing a LED video screen can be costly or entirely impossible after zoning changes.

The solution is here! Formetco’s new FTX system offers a relatively low cost LED tile replacement, with a common LED tile size for 20mm and 16mm pixel pitch. This allows you to purchase a 20mm, and retains the option to upgrade to a 16mm pitch.
Leading the Industry in Service & Support
LED Billboard Service & SupportSince 1969 Formetco has provided exceptional service and support to the outdoor advertising industry. Our support teams utilizes our active diagnostics which enables us to be very proactive in finding, reporting and addressing any type of service issues.
Industry Experts Since 1969
Formetco is more than just a LED manufacturer. We are the largest billboard supply company, with a long history in the outdoor advertising industry. We are your resource for your questions regarding large LED displays and video displays.

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Low energy consumption - Unparallelled dependability - 10 year brightness warranty

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