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  • Formetco Customers are free from T-Rex lawsuits

    Formetco has launched a Customer Protection Campaign promoting a licensing agreement with T-Rex Property AB. The campaign’s purpose is to confirm with Formetco’s customers that they are immune from being named in a T-Rex patent infringement lawsuit.

  • Formetco constructs largest high school video board in the United States for Norcross High School.

    Norcross High School unveiled a new LED scoreboard and video display system. The LED scoreboard and video screen is believed to be the largest of its kind among any high school in the USA.

  • Formetco Launches the FTX LED Billboard System

    Formetco officially announced the launch of the new FTX digital LED billboard design.

  • 90 Day Payment Deferral on LED Billboards

    Ask about how you can earn revenue before even making your first payment on your new Formetco LED Digital Billboard. We want you to get the most out of your ownership right from the start and this offering will help you get there.

  • Leasing your Digital Billboards has never looked better.

    With the recent changes to Section 179, leasing has never been a better option! At Geneva, we can help you structure your equipment lease to get the best tax advantages for your business. We offer true tax leases & structures that allow you to take advantage of Section 179.



  • LED and Aluminum Imprints 1:08

    FTX DIgital Billboard Installation

  • LED and Aluminum Imprints 1:33

    Billboard Imprints

  • LED at ArtScape 2014 1:49

    LED Screen at ArtScape 2014

  • LED install at College Football HOF 2:14

    LED install at College Football HOF

  • Intelligent Safe Guards for Formetco Digital Billboards 1:49

    Intelligent Safe Guards

  • Forma-Tred Scaffold Assembly 2:50

    Scaffold Assembly

  • Attaching Corner Stiffeners 1:06

    Attaching Corner Stiffeners

  • Attaching Corner Stiffeners 0:35

    FTX Full Motion Video Capabilities