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Timeless Design Upgrade

Timeless Design and Engineering Standards

Timeless Design Upgrade

Formetco has identified the market need for a 30-year LED digital billboard. Often a billboard owner’s land lease is much longer than the useful life of the traditional LED billboard. LED digital billboard replacements can be costly or entirely impossible after zoning changes.

Formetco's new FTX system offers a relatively low cost LED tile replacement, with a common LED tile size for 20mm and 16mm pixel pitch. This allows you to purchase a 20mm, and upgrade to a 16mm in the future. All FTX components are aluminum, so the parts that naturally wear out are easily replaceable. This way, there is no need to replace the entire sign, just the LED tiles or power supplies.

In fact, when Formetco provides you with a quote for a new FTX LED Digital Billboard, the LED tile price for 20mm, and 16mm will appear on the quote to make estimating your long term operating cost as transparent and easy as possible.

Upgrade to a 16mm LED tile for sharper images.

16mm (Upgrade)

Standard 20mm LED tile for LED billboards.

20mm (Standard)

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