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Single Bin LEDs

Single Bin LEDs

Our FTX LED digital billboard utilizes single bin LEDs, thus eliminating the need for factory calibration. Factory calibration is necessary only when LED manufacturers purchase LEDs with a wide bin range. This is typically done to reduce the cost of their LED screen. With FTX single bin LED billboards you get better image quality without paying a premium.

When LEDs are manufactured, they all do not have the same brightness and color shade. Bins are groups of LEDs with the same brightness and color shade. Brightness between bins can vary by 20% or more. Factory calibration reduces the brightness of the brighter LEDs down to the brightness of the dimmest LEDs in an effort to produce even tones. Calibration causes some of the LEDs to operate at a higher power level than others. Single bin LEDs are not "dumbed down" so you get the best possible color display and power efficiency.

Initial factory calibration will reduce the maximum output brightness of the LED screen, reducing the owner's ability to increase the brightness over time to increase the useful life of the LED screen.

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