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Innovative Pixel Configuration

LED Billboard Pixel Configuration

Innovative Pixel Configuration

Formetco has focused a lot of engineering efforts on analyzing image quality, pixel configuration, and contrast ratio. We set up a focus group of engineers and sales representatives to analyze different pixel configurations at various brightness levels and viewing angles, measuring each one with a calibrated nit gun.

By analyzing the focus group's visual recommendation, along with our test measurements, we believe that we have developed the optimal pixel configuration. Our innovative design combines a new pixel configuration with a curved louver design to provide color uniformity at wider viewing angles and a higher contrast.

By utilizing smaller size LEDs and grouping the red, blue and green LEDs close together, a Formetco FTX LED digital billboard provides a better looking image with an improved color mix, shaper lines, images, and more vivid colors.

We also encased each LED with the louver face. Others group the three LEDs in one opening exposing a large area of glossy potting material. This causes two issues: one reduces the environmental production of the louver face, while the second reduces the contrast when looking directly at the LED screen you will notice a reflecting glare. Encasing each LED in the louver face costs more, but provides you with a better finished product.

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