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Lower Power Cost

Formetco LED Billboard has a lower ppower cost than most digital billboards

Lower Your Power Bill - See the Proof!

Fox Outdoor Advertising was seeking a highly reliable billboard and researched a long term cost-of-ownership. They installed an FTX digital billboard with Cree LEDway Series luminaries on the static face and were surprised by power consumption of less than $200 their first month!

Customer success story with actual power bill!

Lower Power Cost

Our ability to provide a fanless system stems from the FTX's low heat generation -- lower than any LED digital billboard on the market today. Formetco has spent countless hours working on lowering the total system energy usage. With the combination of energy-efficient LEDs, efficient power distribution system and environmental cooling, we created an environmental balance system that provides a very low cost to operate.

LED Digital Billboard Electrical Costs

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