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Lower Maintenance Cost

FTX LED billboards provide lower maintenance costs

Lower Maintenance Cost

Let’s count the reasons why the Formetco FTX digital billboard runs cooler and more efficiently and provides you with lower maintenance costs than other brands:

  1. Sealed components
  2. Sealed tiles
  3. 50 to 75 percent less power and data connections
  4. No fans or filters
  5. No moisture problems
  6. No dust or contamination

Up on the billboard and you want to know how to change out a part?

Hit the QR codes in the control box, and watch an instructional video on how to change the part on your smart phone or call Formetco's helpful service tech center. Either option you choose, with Formetco's simple service access design, repairs are very easy.

A More Efficient Digital LED Billboard

  • Ease of maintenance – Fewer system components (Tile, Power Supply, Receiver Card, Cable) – Same components in each Module (Cabinet)
  • Power supplies cooled by thermo conductivity
  • Power supplies are also fanless and are enclosed in a sealed control box with the Data Cards.
  • Open Cabinet Enclosure allows air flow.
  • Power Supplies have 700,000 MTBF

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