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Lower Installation Cost

Lower Installation Cost

Formetco believes in providing more than a superior product. After years of observation and experience, we have streamlined the installation process to make purchasing a new sign as inexpensive and convenient as possible.

Because of our modular design, we can ship two 14' x 48', or six 30 sheets on one 48' flatbed truck without oversize load permits. The cost and installation time using smaller sign sections is on average the same or less than a sign shipped in a single, larger section. The smaller section assembly is easier to unload, quicker to install, and easier to erect in high wind conditions. With Formetco's simple installation, there is no need for a spreader bar; the assembly can be completed with a smaller, less expensive crane; and everything fits in a smaller work area which is required for half a day per 14' x 48' sign. All of this results in an easier, less expensive installation.

Formetco's Installation Advantages:

  • Ship two 14' x 48' signs on one truck
  • Avoid oversize load permits, even with a 20' x 60' sign
  • Use a smaller, less expensive crane truck
  • Install without a spreader bar
  • Needs a much smaller work area than 48' long section
  • Safe to quickly upload with self-supporting packaging
  • Enjoy a convenient upright mounting system, with beam clamps
  • Install in higher wind conditions
  • Install two 14' x 48' signs in half a day
  • Use convenient front or rear service access
  • Quick and simple electrical connection
  • Attach power distribution breaker boxes easily using the Unistrut system
  • Install faster with a new beam clamp system

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