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Getting Started in Digital Outdoor Advertising

Getting Started in Outdoor Advertising

Industry experts will guide you through the process

If you are just getting started, let Formetco’s nearly half a century of industry experience be your resource. Formetco has been serving the outdoor advertising industry longer than all other digital vendors combined. Formetco can be your resource, starting with our Going Digital Checklist, assistance with zoning and permitting, contracts, and recommendations on how to find qualified and reliable structure manufacturers and installers.

Formetco sales is not all about the technical reasons why one digital billboard is better than another, but we are here to help you succeed in the outdoor industry. From A to Z, we are the experts that are here to help you.

Permitting & Zoning Support

  • Determining if your location is eligible for a digital billboard is the first step in the process.
  • If you need permit guidance, Formetco has relationships with permit experts in your area that can make the process painless.
  • Your Formetco representative can help you with a library of industry support documents, studies, and strategies, to help you through the process.
  • We regularly attend zoning meetings at billboard locations at night to explain and measure brightness, to show either for zoning code development or code compliance the effect of the light generated from a digital billboard.
  • Formetco representatives can support your zoning meetings with light studies of your location, safety studies and Emergency Alert information such as Amber Alerts and Critical Weather Alerts.

Study Available for Download:

Ask your Formetco sales representative for the following documents:

  • Amber Alerts
  • Critical Hazard Info Alerts
  • Severe Weather Alerts

Ground Leasing Support

  • When you have questions such as "What are common practices," and "What is the best approach," your Formetco sales representative has the answers for you.
  • Sample lease contracts available from your rep.

Site Survey

You have put a lot of work into getting your permit and lease, therefore, make sure that you are putting up the digital billboard that best fits your location. There are many factors in determining what you put up. Your Formetco representative can do a site visit to help you determine structure height, display size, display resolution, and angle of read.

Ask your Formetco sales representative for:

  • Site Evalutaion Sheet


Typically, financing an LED digital billboard is a non-traditional loan, and often complicated or misunderstood by traditional lenders. Formetco offers exclusive financing options. We understand the LED digital billboard industry, and offer a wide range of customized leasing or financing options.

Ask your Formetco sales representative for:

  • Leasing Application

Industry Resources

  • When it comes time to construct your digital display, just sit back and relax. Formetco has worked with the industry’s top fabricators and installers for nearly half a century.
  • We can connect you with billboard attorneys, installers, fabricators. If you need someone to sell the space, Formetco can introduce you to the best independent sales agents in your area.

Project Management

  • Coordinate project from order to power up of display.
  • Coordinate efforts from engineers to fabricators to installers.

Ad Sales Training & Support

  • Customized Ride Sheets
  • Sample Sales Contracts
  • OAAA Posting Calendar
  • Creative Guidelines
  • Customized Sales Presentations
  • Rate and Occupancy Sheets
  • In person sales training with Dynamic Content Sheets

Dynamic Content Assistance

Ask your sales representative about our support document resources. Available documents include:

  • Site Lighting Study
  • DBB Alerts
  • DBB Hazard Info
  • Customized Ride Sheets
  • OAAA Posting Calendar
  • Creative Guidelines
  • Customized Sales Presentations

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