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Servicing your Digital Billboard Made Simple

Servicing your Digital Billboard made Simple

24/7 year-round support for your digital LED billboard

Servicing a larger LED screen with thousands of LEDs, computers, power supplies and wires - where do you start? Today everything is modular, and with Formetco's FTX simple service design, troubleshooting is very easy. Gone are the complicated mess of wires, and the endless removing of cabinet doors to find the hidden components that need to be replaced.

QR code you can scan to watch a how-to video
Scan this QR code to watch an instructional video on your smartphone

With 50% to 75% fewer connection, you get 50% to 75% less wiring, which makes for easier understanding of how everything is connected. The FTX is modular: All of the building blocks are the same, so you quickly understand where all of the components are located. In addition, you no longer have to remove a big cabinet door to change a data receiver card or power supply.

But the real advantage is this: If the person servicing the LED screen has any questions, they can scan a QR code that brings them to an instructional video that they can watch on their smart phone. If they prefer, they can also call our service support center for personal answers and step-by-step instructions.

The bottom line benefit is that faster troubleshooting means reducing the time it takes to repair an issue. This protects your advertising investment.

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