Cost of Ownership

Formetco FTX

The LED Digital Billboard with the Lowest Cost of Ownership

Formetco's lower operation costs and low upgrade fees help you keep your investment generating revenue where it belongs -- in your bank account

Formetco's new FTX provides you with:

  • the lowest power cost
  • the lowest maintenance cost
  • a low installation cost
  • and the only LED digital billboard with a reasonable upgrade cost over time…

… all backed with the industry-leading 10-year LED brightness warranty that lets you know you’re purchasing the best LED digital billboard that your company’s hard-earned money can buy.

The Formetco 30-Year Useful Product Life Promise

Formetco is the only supplier that is talking about the 30 year useful product life. That is because the FTX starts with an aluminum grid as the base, and we have a simple relativity low cost upgrade of the LED tiles to a variety of pixel pitches, which makes the FTX LED digital billboard completely upgradable over time.

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