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Better Color Uniformity Over Time

FTX billboards provide exceptional color uniformity

Better Color Uniformity Over Time

Because factory calibration reduces the brightness of the brighter LEDs down to the brightness of the dimmest LEDs, calibration causes some of the LEDs to operate at higher power levels than others.

This causes different LED aging rates -- the rate the LED dims over time. Therefore, a premature, uneven image in the sign develops. This is because some of the LEDs are operating at a much higher temperature than others, and heat is the leading cause of LED light degeneration over time. Calibration also takes into account only a narrow viewing angle, leaving any angle but the one calibrated lacking the crispness of a single-bin LED sign.

Formetco's single-bin LEDs do not need to be calibrated to produce optimal images. They operate at a uniform power level, display cleanly at wider angles, and have a more brilliant display.

Initial factory calibration will reduce the maximum brightness output of the LED screen, reducing the owner's ability to increase the brightness over time to increase the useful life of the LED screen.

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