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Wide Color Spectrum

FTX Billboards provide a wide color spectrum display

Wide Color Spectrum

Standard LED digital billboard suppliers talk about the variety of color shades offered by their technology, but what they don’t mention is the severely reduced color spectrum on an LED screen dimmed at night. Many LED digital billboards cannot operate at low brightness levels and still maintain an optimal number of colors or shades. For example, if a standard LED Digital Billboard is dimmed to 1% of full power, it will show 1% of the bits advertised at full brightness.

The 16-bit LED drivers found in FTX signs display a wider color spectrum at all levels of brightness. Because the FTX has the 65k color shades (red, green, blue) of a 16-bit sign at its max brightness, it displays far more colors when reduced to brightnesses less than a 12- or 14-bit sign would.

Standard signs often suffer from unsightly color banding that at low brightness levels (such as at night), because the sign can only display a few shades of a given color. Formetco's true 16-bit LED drivers output a greater variety of colors at all brightness levels for a uniformly smoother viewing experience.

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