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A world class digital LED billboard company

Formetco is a leading digital LED billboard manufacturer for outdoor advertising solutions. Located in north metro Atlanta, Georgia, Formetco provides design, production and installation services for customers throughout the United States. Our flagship product is the FTX LED billboard which boasts numerous technological advancements. Formetco leverages 50 years of industry experience, and tech savvy talent, to lead the way in billboard design.

Our History

On October 22, 1965 Lyndon Johnson signed the Highway Beautification Act into law, a pet project of First Lady, Ladybird Johnson. At the time, Armco Steel produced the unitized poster panel for the outdoor advertising industry and also supplied steel guardrails for the growing interstate system. Armco decided to divest themselves of the poster panel business for fear of losing the lucrative guardrail business. Larry Garrett, an ex-Armco employee, purchased the patent to the unitized poster panel system and started Formetco. He named the corporation Formetco (Formed Metals Company). Nearly half a century later the company is still family owned and operated.

By listening to the needs of the industry, Formetco's product line grew to include bulletin faces, safety equipment, posting supplies, scaffolding, lighting, timers and nearly 1,500 other specialty outdoor advertising products.

In 1997, Ad-Tech was founded, and rapidly became the world’s leading supplier of TriFace signage. By 2002, Ad-Tech had captured nearly 85% of all U.S. Sporting Facility TriFace business. Ad-Tech partnered with Formetco in 1999 to market their products to the outdoor advertising industry and quickly became the number one supplier of TriFace Billboards globally.

In 2006, Formetco purchased Ad-Tech as well as its Research and Development operation in Minnesota to focus on both companies’ growing digital signage divisions. Formetco’s engineering team has designed both the operating platform and scheduling system for LED message signs and LED digital billboards. The company now has 110 employees with offices in Atlanta, Minneapolis and Youngstown. Formetco has over 250,000 square feet of manufacturing space under one roof in Atlanta, along with its 24/7, 365-day-a-year service team.


The Power of Experience

Formetco is approaching half a century in designing and fabricating outdoor structures and parts to service the outdoor advertising industry. The philosophy that helped start the company is the same one we hold to today: to build products that will endure the forces of nature, while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing look and feel.

Over the years, Formetco has formed valuable partnerships with suppliers and manufacturers from all over the world. These relationships have continued to develop, and have helped us build the largest inventory of outdoor advertising hardware components in the world.

When an outdoor company seeks a reliable supplier, Formetco is the trusted name. We value this trust and will continue to manufacture the best products available in the marketplace.


For a Brighter Outdoor

Formetco's Lighting Plus+ division offers a full line of lighting options for every face, including rear illuminated backlit faces and LED illuminated imprints. All accessories are available for browsing on our website. Our mission is to bring all of our expertise with the outdoor advertising industry and supply a variety of lighting solutions. We can assist you in selecting the best lighting options for your market. With this wide array of options, you can choose what best suites your business. Whether it is faster ROI, lower energy consumption, higher color rendering, or a combination of the above, we are here to help.

We Don't Skip the Details

We understand the full spectrum of work that goes into your outdoor advertising business. That's why we offer all of the parts and equipment that you need to make your billboard display a valuable business tool.

From the smallest replacement bolts and visual enhancement kits, to the software that lets you easily operate your high tech LED digital signs, Formetco carries the parts you need to keep your display running right.

After nearly half a century constructing and fabricating signs for thousands of outdoor advertising customers, we didn't want the experience to stop at the purchase of a sign. Our full line of accessories is too extensive to list on this page. If you have a need not listed here, let us know and we will take it from there.

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